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Because You're the Folk We Love

"James opened three months ago and barely told a soul…It wasn't necessary. A friendly face at night in this 'hood will never stay in the dark."

Gemima Cody, The Age Good Food Guide


Come and see us for breakfast, lunch or dinner at 323 Clarendon St, South  Melbourne.


Is Your Local

My Under $30 colleague Simone Egger recently wrote that Melbourne was suffering from cafe fatigue. Cheeky, I thought. And if she's right, I'm out of a job.


But I think the love affair has a way to run yet – as long as cafes like Wynyard keep opening.

- Sir Matt Holden for The Age, Good food.

Here the table fills with steamed brown rice, creamy coleslaw with a surprise wasabi sting, and a pomegranate-punctuated medley of fried beans and bitter greens, all to service a mighty teriyaki short rib that gives up its hold on the bone without resistance. That's understandable. It's hard to put up a fight here when your lush Traviarti chardonnay from Beechworth, or a tight Clem Blanc field blend from Sinapius in Tasmania might come with a table lean and life talk – if the mood is right. It often is.